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You can choose to form your company in any state, regardless of where you are based. State taxes vary from state to state, and might influence your choice of location.

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Register an LLC in Colorado

Registering a business is an important step for every company. Whether your passion is painting houses, consulting, or e-commerce... a company provides tax savings, asset protection and can keep you private.

After forming your company, our Colorado trust attorney is happy to assist with establishing an estate plan for your family. Whether you need a living trust, living will or asset protection trust, our law firm stands ready to help.

Colorado LLC Formations

We make registering a business easy and fast with our 24 hour guaranteed turn around. Our $99 Colorado LLC Formation service includes all state fees. We file your Articles of Organization, complete your Operating Agreement, act as your Registered Agent and more. Most importantly, we do everything right the first time.

Other providers are slower, plus they put your name, address, phone, email and other personal information online to be easily found with Google. We provide a professional Denver business address for $50 more and can provide full anonymity upon request. We have full virtual offices available, too.

Business Registration Benefits

  • Enjoy Privacy & Anonymity
  • No Owners or Managers Listed
  • Appear More Professional
  • Potentially Lower Taxes
  • S-Corp Taxation Available
  • Limit Potential Liabilities
  • Everything is Online
  • Low Fees

Below we cover the differences between Sole-Proprietorships, Limited Liability Companies, and Corporations; including what makes forming an LLC in Colorado the most popular choice. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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How to Form an LLC in CO

Everything is done online and we will set up your LLC within 24hrs. We will email you your documents and they will always be available in your online document center. After formation, you are only required to file an annual report with the Colorado Secretary of State once a year. This makes Colorado limited liability companies easy to start and maintain, plus we help you stay on the right side of Colorado's LLC laws.

Fees: $99 The First Year & $49 After
Important Documents: Operating Agreement, Articles of Organization, Resolution to Open a Bank Account & More
Time: Complete Our Form in 5 Minutes
Turn Around: 24 Hours Guaranteed

Limited Liability Company FAQ

LLC Formation Documents

Articles of Organization:

These list the bare minimum required to start your company. The company name, principal office, mailing address, registered agent, organizer, and whether the LLC is manager or member managed. If we form your company, then we enter our information here. This keeps your name and personal information from being a simple Google search away from anyone who wants to find you.

Resolution to Open Bank Account:

Most banks will require a resolution or statement signed by the owners of the company authorizing you to open a bank account in the company's name. We complete this document with all your information so that you can quickly and easily open a bank account for your company. All that's left for you to do with the documents we provide is to fill in the name of the bank at which you want to open your account. Once you complete and sign this paperwork, you will be ready to open a bank account for your business.

Operating Agreement:

This agreement lays out the relationship between members. It details ownership percentages and best practices for record keeping procedure, risk management, accounting, and more. For a single member LLC an operating agreement it is less important, because there is no one to contest ownership and no protection is needed from other members. However, having one could avoid having someone claim they are your business partner when they are not. In addition, banks at which you are setting up accounts or when you are borrowing money may request a copy of your operating agreement, so we include one for all companies we form. You may find out more about Colorado LLC operating agreements here.

Organizational Minutes:

These are the minutes or notes for the company's first meeting. There are a few common formalities that are included in all organizational minutes such as agreeing to organize the company. An initial manager is appointed for these duties who immediately resigns and hands power to the true owners or managers.

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More Than Just Formations

Our law firm specializes in business formations, asset protection, and estate planning. Whether you just need an LLC, or require an asset protection trust, and advanced estate planning, we stand ready to help. Our attorneys have taken companies public and have decades of experience as a Certified Public Accountant and financial advisor. If you have a question just ask.

  • Estate Planning
  • Revocable and Irrevocable Trusts
  • Affordable Virtual Offices
  • Registered Agent Services
  • Nominee Services
  • Online Portal
  • & More

Do you have a special request? Excellent, we love special requests. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Colorado LLC Fee Schedule

  • Amend Articles $25
  • Annual Report $10
  • Late Filing Fee $50
  • Name Reservation $25
  • Name Change $10
  • Address Change $10
  • Reinstatement $100
  • Apostille $5 Per Document
  • Apostille $15 Per Expedited Document
  • Trade Name $20
  • Trade Name Renewal $10

Anonymous LLCs

Colorado is one of the states which does not require owners or managers to be publicly listed. This privacy might seem like a small thing, but it can have a large effect. Do you want your name, personal address, phone, and email listed online? If you use our service it won't be. We put our details everywhere instead of yours. This keeps aggressive creditors, family and neighbors from finding out what you own. Learn more about Colorado LLCs and privacy here.

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Sole Proprietorship Negatives

A sole proprietorship is when the person is the business. A sole-proprietorship is owned by one person and has no legal requirements to start. Many people when they are just starting out with their business opt for this default structure because it makes it very fast and easy to get started. They require no extra paperwork, but in most cases they pay more in taxes and in all cases offer no protection for your personal assets.

Unlimited Liability: A proprietorship has unlimited liability and the owner is responsible for all debt. You as the owner are liable for all the debts of the business and if someone sues the business for something the business did, they are actually suing you as an individual. If they sue you and win, you can be forced to sell personal belongings, your home, your car, and everything else in your name to pay off debts. This is known as unlimited liability and is a major downside to being a sole-proprietorship.

Higher Taxes: A sole-proprietor pays the same taxes as a wage earner. This means you will not be able to take advantage of the new tax code that rewards small business owners with lower taxes. You should pay every dime of taxes you owe, but if you can pay less by forming and operating your business as an LLC, why wouldn't you? Properly forming and running your business as an LLC will almost certainly save you money in the long run.

Not Professional: Doing business in your personal name is less professional than an LLC. When you run a business in your name, clients and vendors know you have not registered with the state, know that you cannot have any partners, and know that you can only grow so large. Running your business as an LLC shows them you are serious about your business, that you will be around for the long term, and that this business is more than your "side project."

Discloses Private Information: Forming an LLC allows you, the owner, to remain anonymous. Colorado's Secretary of State does not list owners or managers on its website, it only lists those who are filing the paperwork with the state. Contrast this with a sole-proprietorship where you have to put your name and personal information everywhere.

Our Philosophy

Our goal is simple - to provide you with a simple, one stop shop for setting up a business in Colorado. Whether you're in a cottage industry, or manage millions, we are happy to help you form your business in a way that will protect your privacy, protect your personal assets, and provide you with tax benefits. Our site was designed by entrepreneurs who know first hand the difficulties of starting a company. Fret no more - let us do the work for you.

Selecting and forming a business entity that is right for your needs can be challenging. View our page on incorporating in Colorado to learn about the difference between Sole-Proprietorships, LLCs, and Corporations. After hiring us to form an LLC or Corporation for you, you may use our filings and registered agent services or do it yourself. Whether you need an EIN, or need to file for a DBA, we believe in providing you with the choice of doing it yourself, or letting us handle the paperwork and doing it for you.

What business name endings are allowed?

Colorado's statutes require a limited liability company name to end with a variation of LLC. This includes LLC, Limited Liability Company, Limited, Ltd., Limited Liability Co., etc. If you do not add one of these to the end of your company name, then by default we will add "LLC" to the end for you so that you comply with Colorado law.

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Colorado Trusts

Our law firm only focuses on business formation, trust formation, and estate planning. We don't practice any other type of law in Colorado. Our home page focuses on forming LLCs and Corporations, but your business affairs are only half complete if you don't have an accompanying estate plan.

The foundation of most estate plans is a revocable trust or irrevocable trust. The trust is designed to minimize taxes while providing asset protection and privacy. A trust can ensure your business responsibly passes onto the next generation, e.g. via a specially drafted family trust. A properly drafted trust ensures your chosen beneficiaries will receive what you decide, and your business won't be deprived of cash during difficult times.

For more information, please visit our page on Colorado Trusts, there we cover a variety of trusts such as asset protection trusts and special needs trusts. times.

Colorado Estate Plans

Every business owner should have an estate plan so that the business will continue to provide for your family even if you are no longer around. We won't just help plan for your business today, but can draft a comprehensive estate plan which ensures your business partners and family will be are properly taken care of, no matter what happens.

The most common estate planning documents are a trust, living will and durable power of attorney. Only in select situations do we recommend a will in Colorado due to probate and the superior asset protection provided by a trust. Learn more here about estate planning in Colorado.

Colorado Registered Agent

Every company must maintain a registered agent in Colorado. The agent acts as the point of contact for the company, both with the Secretary of State and others that may need to contact the company from time to time. For instance, if the company is sued, the registered agent will service of process of a lawsuit. To avoid making your home address known, or being served in front of employees or family we recommend maintaining a professional registered agent service.

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Colorado Corporations

Applying for an LLC will not always be a good fit. Incorporating a Colorado Corporation provides a board, meeting requirements, officer positions, split share classes and other characteristics desirable to prospective investors. While there are benefits to forming a corporation,t is important to note that corporations can only be taxed as a C-Corp or an S-Corp, whereas a limited liability company can be taxed as a disregarded entity, partnership, C-Corp or S-Corp. This flexibility means you should not form a Colorado corporation just for the tax election. There should be other considerations, otherwise a Colorado LLC will meet those same tax election considerations while generally being easier to operate.

Our Colorado Attorney

Our Colorado attorneys have taken dozens of companies public, were formerly a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and a Financial Advisor, and have owned, operated, and advised many startup and mature businesses.

The belief driving this firm is that everyone deserves professional business and asset protection advice. We don't over-complicate things. We file everything correctly, the first time, so you have one less thing to worry about. Our transparent pricing means you won't be left second guessing your purchase. After that, we will only bug you again when your periodic report is due next year. It really is that easy, but we are also here if you need us.

Our goal is to provide a one stop shop for your Colorado business, trust, and estate planning needs. Whether you need help with forming an llc, obtaining an EIN, handling mail, or implementing a complex estate plan - we are happy to help.

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