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  2. A Small-Business Guide for Entrepreneurs

A Small-Business Guide for Entrepreneurs

Jonathan Feniak, Esq., MBA

By Jonathan Feniak, Esq., MBA

    Small-business owners and entrepreneurs are the backbone of the economy. Running a business can be a difficult path to take, but small-business owners aren't alone. Plenty of organizations, websites, and magazines offer advice and resources that entrepreneurs and small-business owners can take advantage of to network and grow their businesses. If you’re planning to registration your small business in Colorado, you should also read up on articles of organization and EINs.

    General Entrepreneurship and Small-Business Resources

    Small-Business Marketing Resources

    Marketing is an important tool for small-business owners, who may struggle to compete with national chains.

    Small-Business Industry Groups

    Small-business industry groups target business owners working in particular sectors, such as retail or farming.

    Entrepreneurship and Small-Business Publications, Blogs, and Podcasts

    Keep up with the latest trends by following top business publications and other media.

    • Inc. Magazine: Inc. is focused on small-business owners and was founded in 1979.
    • Small Business Trends: Small Business Trends is a digital magazine that has been in existence for more than 15 years.
    • BizSugar: BizSugar is a free online community offering courses, webinars, and collaboration opportunities to small-business owners.
    • Small Biz Survival: Small Biz Survival is a blog geared toward business owners in small towns and rural areas.
    • Ambitious Entrepreneur: Annemarie Cross assists budding entrepreneurs in launching their own businesses in this podcast.
    • How I Built This: How I Built This is a podcast in which NPR host Guy Raz interviews successful entrepreneurs about how they managed to build and sustain their businesses.

    Resources on How to Write Business Plans and Grant Proposals

    Writing business plans and grant proposals is important because these tools can help you bring in money to start up and run your business.

    Small-Business Resources for Women and Minorities

    Women and minorities can face unique challenges concerning inclusion and access to resources.

    Small-Business Resources for the Disabled

    Disabled people can face unique challenges in starting and running a business, but with a little support, they can achieve business success.

    If you’re just starting your journey as a small-business owner, we have many helpful resources on our blog including information about Colorado business registration, articles of organization, and EINs