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Jonathan Feniak, Esq., MBA

By Jonathan Feniak, Esq., MBA

    Why Privacy?

    Privacy has become more important than ever, now that everything has become widely available with a simple online search. Because of that, Colorado is popular state with people that want to protect themselves with its business formation privacy laws. To clear some things up, we want to explain a little about what these laws cover and what you can expect from them. Remember, privacy is a right you have as a citizen, which means there's no shame in wanting some privacy for you, your family, and business.

    Unlike a sole-proprietorship, LLCs in Colorado have the potential to be private from the beginning, if you do certain things right. When we file your documents with the Secretary of state, the Colorado Secretary of State only asks who the organizer is, not the owners. The organizer is the person who files the paperwork (such as the articles of organization and the EIN) – and that’s us! This means it is our information that goes into the record rather than yours. This is good for you for several privacy related reasons.

    How Anonymity Helps

    Remember, there's nothing wrong with wanting a little privacy, it's your right to have some. In fact, there's lots of problems that you can avoid if you don't flash your business wealth by putting your name as the organizer. For instance, flashing your wealth, possessions, and business ownership makes you a far bigger target for lawsuits when compared to people that don't do that. By hiring us as the organizer of your company:

    • People cannot find out where you live.
    • Creditors cannot find businesses you own with online searches.
    • Neighbors and family will only know as much as you tell them.
    • You will receive fewer spam calls, letters, and emails.

    With us as organizer, you can avoid anyone from people looking to sue you for no reason, to neighbors, to family from finding you online.

    An anonymous LLC in colorado can offer all of the protection you need to maintain your privacy without sacrificing control and protects your personal information from malicious parties in a safe and effective way.

    Besides having us protect your identity by forming your LLC, we also recommend you maintain your anonymity by having us file your annual period reports for you and using our address as the official address for your business.

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    More Info

    Since you hire us to pay the State, it means that not only does the paper trail lead to us, but the money trail does too.

    As your registered agents, we have to maintain a record of the owners and the managers for the LLC. Don't worry, as this is strictly for internal use and we won't be disclosing any information to third parties, unless required by a court do so.

    If you need an EIN, the IRS will either need your SSN or another EIN. The IRS won't disclose any information to anyone that doesn't have a proper court order. This information isn't available to creditors or any other government agencies. Taxes are inevitable, and Colorado privacy laws weren't meant to be used to avoid them. Foreign parties to Colorado don't have access to information about the beneficial owners of LLCs in the state. They would need to secure legal representation then have to subpoena the information they're after. That’s a lot of hurdles to get through. You also may need to file for a Colorado business license depending on the nature of your business. Find out more about registering a Colorado business here.