How Long It Takes the Largest Companies in America to Make One Employee's Average Annual Salary

How long does it take the largest companies in America like Walmart, Apple, or Exxon Mobil to earn the average annual salary of one of its employees? These major corporations earn so many billions in revenue each year that they can earn a single employee's salary in the same amount of time it would take that employee to sneeze. Yes, you read that right, some of these corporate giants earn the average salary of one of their employees in mere seconds.

Explore the new visualization from LLC Attorney below to see just how many seconds it takes each of the 50 biggest companies in the U.S. to earn the average annual salary of their employees, as well as the length of time it takes each of these billion-dollar companies to earn the entirety of their employees' annual salaries. You’ll be amazed to see just how quickly these giant companies are able to earn enough revenue to pay every single one of their employees for the whole year.

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How Long It Takes the Largest Companies in America to Make One Employee’s Average Annual Salary - - Infographic

Which Company Makes One Employee's Annual Salary in the Shortest Amount of Time?

Walmart earns the average annual salary of one employee in just 1.46 seconds, putting the retail giant at the top of our list of the largest U.S. companies ranked by how fast they earn one employee’s salary. Walmart earned $611.3 billion in revenue in 2022, amounting to an incredible $19.4 million every second! What is the average annual salary of a Walmart employee? They earned an average annual salary of $28,350 in 2022. Walmart employees were found to have the lowest average salary out of all the largest American companies even though Walmart earned the most revenue throughout the year by a large margin.

The 10 Companies That Earn One Employee’s Salary the Fastest (in seconds)

  1. Walmart: 1.46
  2. Amazon: 2.29
  3. CVS Health: 3.47
  4. UnitedHealth Group: 4.14
  5. Apple: 4.43
  6. Chevron Corporation: 4.79
  7. Berkshire Hathaway: 4.99
  8. Exxon Mobil: 5.2
  9. McKesson Corporation: 5.23
  10. Costco: 5.3

Of the top U.S. companies, FedEx took the longest to earn the average annual salary of one employee at 82.52 seconds. The courier company’s main competitor, the United Parcel Service, ranked just ahead of them in second to last place; though UPS was found to earn the average annual salary 24 seconds faster than FedEx.

Which U.S. Company Earned the Most Revenue in 2022?

Walmart earned $611.3 billion in revenue in 2022, the most revenue earned by any U.S. company over the course of the year. Not only does Walmart’s impressive revenue of more than half a trillion dollars put it at the top spot out of all American companies, and it also puts the retail company at the top of all companies in the world. Walmart earned the most revenue worldwide in 2022, surpassing Saudi Aramco’s $603.7 billion in revenue.

Which Company Earns All of Their Employees Annual Salaries the Fastest?

The second portion of our visualization ranks the 50 largest U.S. companies on how quickly they are able to earn enough revenue to pay the annual salaries of the entire staff. The company that earned all of its employees' salaries in the shortest amount of time is Valero Energy, which earned its $520.2 million in total salary expenditures for 2022 in just 1.11 days.

The 10 Companies that Earn all of their Employees' Annual Salaries (in days)

  1. Valero Energy: 1.11
  2. Phillips 66: 1.56
  3. Fannie Mae: 1.7
  4. Freddie Mac: 2.15
  5. ConocoPhillips: 2.29
  6. Chevron Corporation: 2.43
  7. Marathon Petroleum: 2.55
  8. AmerisourceBergen: 2.74
  9. McKesson Corporation: 2.94
  10. Energy Transfer Partners: 3.24

Which U.S. Company Pays their Employees the Highest Average Salary?

Of the 50 largest U.S. companies, Alphabet pays their employees the most with an average annual salary of $83,803 a year. Alphabet is the parent company of Google and a large portion of its workforce is made up of programmers and other tech specialists, leading them to offer a much higher wage than many of the other top U.S. companies on the list.

Which Type of Business Should You Register?

When starting a new company one of the first decisions made is whether to form a sole proprietorship, a Limited Liability Company (LLC), or a Corporation. Each one of America’s largest companies faced this choice when it first formed, and it’s one you will face too as you take the first step toward starting and owning your own business. Learn more about the business registration benefits of each of the three different types, and why forming an LLC is the most popular choice for new businesses.

The Complete List of How Long it Takes the Largest Companies in America to Make One Employee’s Average Annual Salary

RankCompanyIndustry2022 RevenueRevenue per secondAverage annual salaryHow long it takes the company to make one employee’s average annual salary (in seconds).
2AmazonRetail and cloud computing$513,983,000,000$16,296.23$37,3152.29
3CVS HealthHealthcare$322,467,000,000$10,224.06$35,4853.47
4UnitedHealth GroupHealthcare$324,162,000,000$10,277.81$42,5984.14
6Chevron CorporationPetroleum$246,252,000,000$7,807.61$37,3984.79
7Berkshire HathawayConglomerate$302,089,000,000$9,577.96$47,7574.99
8Exxon MobilPetroleum$413,680,000,000$13,116.04$68,1625.2
9McKesson CorporationHealth$276,711,000,000$8,773.34$45,9265.23
13The Home DepotRetail$157,403,000,000$4,990.58$30,8676.19
14Cardinal HealthHealthcare$181,364,000,000$5,750.29$39,6666.9
15Walgreens Boots AlliancePharmaceutical$132,703,000,000$4,207.45$31,4297.47
16CignaHealth Insurance$180,516,000,000$5,723.40$44,1587.72
17Elevance HealthHealthcare$156,595,000,000$4,964.97$43,3898.74
18JPMorgan ChaseFinancial$154,792,000,000$4,907.80$42,9738.76
21Valero EnergyPetroleum$171,189,000,000$5,427.68$53,3949.84
22Target CorporationRetail$109,120,000,000$3,459.73$34,1959.88
24Phillips 66Petroleum$175,702,000,000$5,570.77$57,82410.38
27Marathon PetroleumPetroleum$180,012,000,000$5,707.42$70,65812.38
28United Parcel ServiceTransportation$100,338,000,000$3,181.29$39,49912.42
29General MotorsAutomotive$156,735,000,000$4,969.40$61,75512.43
30Ford Motor CompanyAutomotive$158,057,000,000$5,011.32$62,29612.43
31State FarmFinancial$89,328,000,000$2,832.21$35,54712.55
33Archer Daniels MidlandFood$101,556,000,000$3,219.91$42,76513.28
34Bank of AmericaFinancial$115,053,000,000$3,647.84$49,85813.67
36Verizon CommunicationsTelecommunications$136,835,000,000$4,338.46$64,02214.76
37HumanaHealth Insurance$92,870,000,000$2,944.51$45,24015.36
41Dell TechnologiesTechnology$102,301,000,000$3,243.53$56,84617.53
42Fannie MaeFinancial$121,596,000,000$3,855.29$70,92818.4
43The Walt Disney CompanyMedia$82,722,000,000$2,622.76$48,25618.4
44Wells FargoFinancial$82,859,000,000$2,627.11$48,69318.53
45Johnson & JohnsonPharmaceutical$94,943,000,000$3,010.24$59,84219.88
46TeslaAutomotive and Energy$81,462,000,000$2,582.82$52,66620.39
48Energy Transfer PartnersPetroleum$89,876,000,000$2,849.59$63,56522.31
49Freddie MacFinancial$86,717,000,000$2,749.43$65,35423.77
50Meta PlatformsTechnology$116,609,000,000$3,697.18$96,03425.97

How Long it Takes the Largest Companies in America to Make All of Their Employees’ Annual Salaries

RankCompanyIndustry2022 RevenueRevenue per secondAverage annual salaryNumber of employeesHow long it takes the company to make all of their employees’ annual salaries (in days).
1Valero EnergyPetroleum$171,189,000,000$5,427.68$53,3949,7431.11
2Phillips 66Petroleum$175,702,000,000$5,570.77$57,82413,0001.56
3Fannie MaeFinancial$121,596,000,000$3,855.29$70,9288,0001.7
4Freddie MacFinancial$86,717,000,000$2,749.43$65,3547,8192.15
6Chevron CorporationPetroleum$246,252,000,000$7,807.61$37,39843,8462.43
7Marathon PetroleumPetroleum$180,012,000,000$5,707.42$70,65817,8002.55
9McKesson CorporationHealth$276,711,000,000$8,773.34$45,92648,5002.94
10Energy Transfer PartnersPetroleum$89,876,000,000$2,849.59$63,56512,5653.24
11Cardinal HealthHealthcare$181,364,000,000$5,750.29$39,66646,0353.68
12Exxon MobilPetroleum$413,680,000,000$13,116.04$68,16262,0003.73
13CignaHealth Insurance$180,516,000,000$5,723.40$44,15870,2316.27
14Archer Daniels MidlandFood$101,556,000,000$3,219.91$42,76541,1816.33
16State FarmFinancial$89,328,000,000$2,832.21$35,54760,5198.79
18Elevance HealthHealthcare$156,595,000,000$4,964.97$43,389102,20010.34
19CVS HealthHealthcare$322,467,000,000$10,224.06$35,485259,50010.42
20HumanaHealth Insurance$92,870,000,000$2,944.51$45,24067,10011.93
24UnitedHealth GroupHealthcare$324,162,000,000$10,277.81$42,598400,00019.19
25Verizon CommunicationsTelecommunications$136,835,000,000$4,338.46$64,022117,10020
27Berkshire HathawayConglomerate$302,089,000,000$9,577.96$47,757383,00022.1
28Walgreens Boots AlliancePharmaceutical$132,703,000,000$4,207.45$31,429262,50022.69
29General MotorsAutomotive$156,735,000,000$4,969.40$61,755167,00024.02
30Ford Motor CompanyAutomotive$158,057,000,000$5,011.32$62,296173,00024.89
31Meta PlatformsTechnology$116,609,000,000$3,697.18$96,03486,48226
32Dell TechnologiesTechnology$102,301,000,000$3,243.53$56,846133,00026.98
36JPMorgan ChaseFinancial$154,792,000,000$4,907.80$42,973293,72329.77
38TeslaAutomotive and Energy$81,462,000,000$2,582.82$52,666127,85530.17
39The Home DepotRetail$157,403,000,000$4,990.58$30,867471,60033.76
40Bank of AmericaFinancial$115,053,000,000$3,647.84$49,858216,82334.3
41Johnson & JohnsonPharmaceutical$94,943,000,000$3,010.24$59,842152,70035.13
43AmazonRetail and cloud computing$513,983,000,000$16,296.23$37,3151,540,00040.81
44The Walt Disney CompanyMedia$82,722,000,000$2,622.76$48,256195,80041.7
46Target CorporationRetail$109,120,000,000$3,459.73$34,195440,00050.33
47Wells FargoFinancial$82,859,000,000$2,627.11$48,693238,00051.06
49United Parcel ServiceTransportation$100,338,000,000$3,181.29$39,499404,70058.16
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