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  1. Business, Money, and Math Games: Learning While Having Fun

Business, Money, and Math Games: Learning While Having Fun

Jonathan Feniak, Esq., MBA

By Jonathan Feniak, Esq., MBA

    Business, Money and Math Games: Learning While Having Fun

    Math is one of the most important subjects we learn about in school. It's something that we'll use all of our lives and something that's all around us all the time. When you look at the clock and wonder how much longer you have until bedtime, that's math. When you have a pile of candy and need to figure out how to divide it up to share with your friends, that's math, too. And when you want to save up your allowance to buy a new video game, you'll need math to figure out how much money you have and how much more you need. Adults need math a lot, too, whether they're balancing their budget, getting a loan to buy a new car, or trying to run a business that makes more money than it spends. Math is everywhere, which is why it's really important that you learn all about it and get good at it. It can also be fun to get better at math. There are lots of games and puzzles out there that you can use to learn about different types of math without being bored.

    Business Games

    • A Dollar a Glass: Make lemonade and sell it to thirsty customers in this game. If you sell at the right price and serve customers quickly, you'll be a business success!
    • Boba Simulator: In this game, you need to budget carefully as you make and sell boba tea. Can you earn enough money to build a successful company?
    • Corporate Overlord: Build your business bigger and bigger as you make products, hire employees, and add space to your offices in this game.
    • Cookie Tycoon: Make delicious cookies, hire and train employees, take care of your store, and see how much money you can make.
    • Boss of the Office: Running a business usually includes hiring and managing workers. In this game, you need to hire workers, keep them happy, and make money to grow your business.
    • Burger Now: Part of running a business is keeping your customers happy. In this game, you'll need to make and serve burgers to customers before they get mad and leave.
    • The Uber Game: Can you earn enough money as an Uber driver to pay all of your bills? It's a lot harder than it sounds.

    Money Games

    • World of Cents: Match up the coins to earn money that you can use to build and take care of an awesome playground.
    • Escape From Barter Island: Learn about why we use money and what people did before money existed by playing this game.
    • Keep Helen's Money Safe: Help Helen make smart choices to save up enough money to buy a bike.
    • Milo's Money: Milo the dinosaur needs to do some shopping for his mom. Can you help him buy what he needs?
    • People's Pie: Managing money isn't just something that you do at home: It's also something that the government has to do. Play this game to learn how the government balances its budget and spends its money.
    • Peter Pig's Money Counter: Practice counting coins to earn virtual money that you can use to dress up Peter Pig.
    • Do You Have Enough Money? Look at the coins and the price of what you want to buy, then decide if you have enough money to buy the item.
    • Money Magic: Help Enzo the magician budget carefully as he improves his act and tries to get a show in Las Vegas.
    • Counting With Coins: Practice identifying and adding up coins to buy things in this game.

    Basic Math Games

    • Odd Invasion: Odd things are happening all over the Odd Squad headquarters. Can you save the day?
    • Math Baseball: Pick the type of math you want to practice, then answer questions to see how many runs you can score before you get out.
    • Fraction Fling: Match up the fractions that are equal to what's shown, then fire a rock at the right fractions with your slingshot in this game.
    • Candy Challenge: Figure out how much each piece of candy costs, then click on the right jar to put it in.
    • Math Duck: Solve the equation, guide the duck to the answer, grab the key, and then get to the door before the timer runs out.
    • Average Racers: Race your truck down the track, then calculate your speed to earn coins that you can use to upgrade your truck.
    • Puzzle Math: Figure out the answers to math problems to put the pieces of a puzzle together.
    • Otter Rush: Have you learned about exponents in school yet? If so, try out this fun racing game to see how fast you can fill in the blanks and solve the equations.

    Math Worksheets, Activities, and Puzzles

    • Math Crossword: If you like crossword puzzles, try this puzzle. All of the clues are math problems, and all of the answers are numbers.
    • Kakuro for Kids: These math puzzles can be a little tricky to figure out at first, but there are instructions at the bottom of this page that can help you learn how to do them.
    • Video Game Equation Puzzle: Given equations that contain some numbers and some symbols, can you figure out what all of the symbols mean?
    • Who Am I? Work your way through a series of robots and figure out the numbers they represent using the clues they give you.
    • Zygo: Drag all of the numbers onto the grid so that all of the numbers match their colors and the equations at the top and bottom come out correct.
    • Cars Across the Desert: See if you can figure out this answer to this tricky math puzzle, then try out the other puzzles on this site.
    • Magic Squares: A magic square is a grid that contains three rows of three numbers. When the puzzle is completed, each row, column, and diagonal line add up to the same number. Try these magic squares to see if you can fill in the blanks.
    • 3D Multiplication With Lego Bricks: Learning your times tables can seem kind of boring, but building your own graph of the times tables using bricks can be a fun and visual way to learn.
    • Math Scavenger Hunt: Print out this sheet for everyone in your family, then see who can find everything on it the fastest!
    • Math Drills: Two-Digit-by-One-Digit Multiplication: Practice your multiplication skills with this worksheet.
    • Evaluating Algebraic Expressions: This worksheet gives you a value for a variable and then asks you to solve different problems with that value.
    • Math Problem and Puzzle Worksheets: Some of the worksheets here contain math problems, while others are more like fun puzzles with math.
    • 30 Math Puzzles to Test Your Smarts: This page has a whole bunch of math puzzles to try, and there are answers underneath each one so you can check your answer.