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  1. The Biggest Financial Holding Companies in the World Ranked by Revenue per Second

The Biggest Financial Holding Companies in the World Ranked by Revenue per Second

Jonathan Feniak, Esq., MBA

By Jonathan Feniak, Esq., MBA

    Do you know what the largest banks in the world are and what they own? There are many well-known financial holding companies, banking groups, and commercial banking companies, like Bank of America, that are holding companies that manage several different businesses in the financial services industry. They act as parent companies to other financial ventures including commercial banking, investment banking, and other subsidiaries.

    The team analyzed annual revenue data from the biggest financial holding companies around the world to create the following visualization which ranks financial holding companies by revenue earned in 2023. Find out what some of the biggest financial companies in the world make every second!

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    The Biggest Financial Holding Companies in the World Ranked by Revenue per Second – LLC Attorney for Holding Company - Infographic

    What is the Biggest Holding Company in the World in the Finance Industry?

    The biggest finance-related holding company in the world is Berkshire Hathaway, which earned more than $364 billion in revenue in 2023. Headquartered in Nebraska, the company was founded in 1839 by Oliver Chase and was originally a textile manufacturer. The current chief executive officer of Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffett, took over in 1965 and turned the company into the conglomerate that it is today. The group owns several insurance groups including GEICO and invests in companies including Apple, American Express, and the Kraft Heinz Company.

    Next on the list is JPMorgan Chase & Co. with $158 billion in revenue, which equates to about $5,000 in revenue every second. While JPMorgan does offer traditional commercial banking and is one of the biggest banks in the world, its financial services are extensive, including Chase Bank, WePay, and healthcare company InstaMed. The history of JPMorgan Chase & Co. can be traced all the way back to 1799 with the founding of the Bank of the Manhattan Company by Aaron Burr. JPMorgan Chase & Co. is one of the top finance companies in the world.

    The third-largest financial holding company in the world is the Bank of America Corporation, which earned $3,127 per second for a total of $98 billion in revenue in 2023. Some of the companies affiliated with Bank of America include Merrill Lynch and First Franklin Financial Corporation. The company is headquartered in Charlotte, NC and was founded in 1998 after the merger of BankAmerica and NationsBank, making it one of the biggest banks in the world.

    Next on the list is Citigroup Inc., which is headquartered in in New York City and incorporated in Delaware. The company earned $75,340,000,000 in revenue in 2023, amounting to $2,389 per second. The company was technically formed in 1998 when financial service companies Citicorp and Travelers merged. The current CEO of Citigroup is Jane Fraser.

    The fifth holding company on the list is Wells Fargo & Company, which earned $73.8 billion in 2023 ($2,340 per second). The Wells Fargo commercial bank is the company's primary subsidiary, but the group also offers equipment financing via Wells Fargo Rail. Wells Fargo dates back to 1852 when Henry Wells and William G. Fargo (who also founded American Express) wanted to form a banking company to capitalize on the California gold rush which was immensely popular at the time.

    Number six is MetLife, Inc., which earned $2,122 per second in 2023. It is headquartered in the MetLife Building on Park Avenue in New York City. The current President and CEO of MetLife is Michel A. Khalaf, who took over the company in 2019. MetLife was founded in 1868 and now has many subsidiaries related to investing, insurance, and health plans.

    Seventh on the list is HSBC Holdings, which earned $62.6 billion in 2023 ($1,985 per second). It was founded Hong Kong. It was established in 1865 as The Hongkong and Shanghai Bank, and in 1991, HSBC Holdings was established with its headquarters in London. It is the largest banking group that is headquartered in Europe based on total assets.

    Ranking in the eighth position is the American Express Company, headquartered in New York City. The company earned $60.52 billion in revenue in 2023 for a total of $1,918 per second. American Express, which was founded in 1850, originally started as a freight forwarding company but is now one of the largest payment card networks in the world. The current chairman and CEO is Stephen J. Squeri.

    There are many different non-banking services that a financial holding company can own. These include insurance underwriting, investment services, securities dealing, and merchant banking. In addition, there are holding companies that are not involved in finance or banking and are just parent companies for other businesses. A good example of this is Alphabet Inc. which owns companies like Google and Fitbit.

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    Top Financial Holding Ranked Companies by Revenue Per Second in 2023

    RankCompanyRevenueRevenue per Second
    1Berkshire Hathaway Inc.$364,500,000,000.00$11,558.00
    2JPMorgan Chase & Co.$158,100,000,000.00$5,013.00
    3Bank of America Corporation$98,600,000,000.00$3,127.00
    4Citigroup Inc.$75,340,000,000.00$2,389.00
    5Wells Fargo & Company$73,800,000,000.00$2,340.00
    7HSBC Holdings plc$62,611,000,000.00$1,985.00
    8American Express Company$60,500,000,000.00$1,918.00
    9American International Group, Inc.$46,800,000,000.00$1,484.00
    10Prudential Financial$53,980,000,000.00$1,712.00
    11Morgan Stanley$53,700,000,000.00$1,703.00
    12Liberty Mutual Group$50,000,000,000.00$1,585.00
    13The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.$47,370,000,000.00$1,502.00
    14Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation$41,316,000,000.00$1,310.00
    15Capital One Financial Corporation$38,370,000,000.00$1,217.00
    16Truist Financial Corporation$33,250,000,000.00$1,054.00
    17Itau Unibanco$32,300,000,000.00$1,024.00
    18Great-West Lifeco Inc.$30,872,548,000.00$979.00
    19Mizuho Financial Group$26,060,000,000.00$826.00
    20Crédit Agricole$25,390,989,000.00$805.00
    21ING Group$24,534,673,000.00$778.0
    22The PNC Financial Services Group, Inc.$21,100,000,000.00$669.0
    23The Charles Schwab Corporation$20,760,000,000.00$658.0
    24NatWest Group$18,723,385,000.00$594.00
    25BNY Mellon$17,500,000,000.00$555.0
    26Shinhan Financial Group$15,800,000,000.00$501.00
    27Ameriprise Financial$15,535,000,000.00$493.0
    28KB Financial Group$13,680,000,000.00$434.0
    29Principal Financial Group$13,670,000,000.00$433.0
    30Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited$13,578,707,000.00$431.00