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For those who are interested in our virtual office and LLC formation services, we have put together a compilation of great online business ideas. Whether you have an existing online business or are interested in pursuing a new path, the following list will hopefully spark some fresh ideas or inspire a new pursuit. As industries evolve and technology advances, new business ideas are born all the time. Many of these opportunities exist in the online realm, so we’ve drawn from some online jobs growing in popularity today. Also, keep in mind that if you feel your online business could use some assistance, we offer a virtual office service that includes phone answering, mail scanning, a business number, and more.

If we form your LLC or corporation, your first year of registered agent service is free. Our registered agent service includes 5 pieces of mail scanned per year. Junk mail and registered agent mail do not count toward that total. If you need additional mail scanned, you have the option to purchase more mail. Our virtual office package includes unlimited mail scanning. For either service, if mail forwarding is required, we have the option to forward your mail for free via first class (if applicable) or we offer expedited forwarding with tracking for and additional fee.

Research Services

Nearly every company relies on some form of accurate and timely information. The ability to deliver quality and meaningful research services is a highly desired skillset. If you possess these skills, consider offering your services to media companies and other research-heavy industries that rely on facts and quality sources.

Medical Transcription

Medical transcriptionists transcribe voice recordings of medical reports from doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers. If you can listen to audio and type the contents at an effective rate, this could be a great choice for you. There is a constant demand for this service and not much overhead to get started.

Grant Writing

Hospitals, universities, and non-profits alike all have the need for grant writing services. Many organizations rely on grant money to supplement their operations. Grant writing, however, can be a difficult task for the inexperienced. Whether you have past grant writing experience or believe you have the skills required to learn and excel at it, there are plenty of opportunities available to turn grant writing into a great business.

Social Media Consultant

Social media continues to grow in popularity and influence. Nearly every business, large or small, maintain some form of social media presence. If you enjoy the many engaging aspects of social media, such as content creation, curation, and connecting with a customer base, then consider offering social media consultant services.

Cover Letter and Resume Writing

Anyone looking for a job needs a great cover letter and resume to help them stand out from the rest. If you have the skills necessary for putting together a strong resume that conveys the applicant’s work history and skillset in a strong and compelling way, there are many people that would be interested in enlisting your services.

Menu Planning

For those of you who enjoy cooking and meal planning, consider a menu planning service that offers unique and customized meals. An added bonus is if you can provide any culinary or nutritional expertise that might set you apart from other traditional options.

Copy Editor

With such a large demand for content these days, there is a correlating need for copy editors. There is no degree requirement for this position, though certain degrees and experience can bolster your opportunities. Mainly, the only thing you need are provably great proofreading and copy-editing skills.

Virtual Assistant

As more and more businesses move away from a traditional office structure, the new position of virtual assistant has been created to meet these new needs. For those who are very well-organized and detail-oriented, a virtual assistant career could be a great fit. The daily tasks of a virtual assistant might include data entry, email responses, scheduling, and managing blog and social media updates, among many other tasks.

Legal Transcription

Similar to a medical transcriptionist in terms of equipment and demand, legal transcriptionists transcribe voice recordings made by lawyers, paralegals, and other legal professionals. The work can be interesting, as jobs might entail transcribing hearings, interrogations, depositions, and client interviews. While no training is necessary, any knowledge of legal terminology or formatting is beneficial.


A well-run blog can earn profits from selling ad space, hosting pay-per-click, and utilizing affiliate links. If you can provide insightful information to your audience or find an entertaining perspective to share on a given topic, then you can grow your blog and its profits. If you can produce consistent content in an engaging way, this could be a great opportunity.

Online Tutoring & Training

For those of you who have an interesting skill or body of knowledge that can be passed along, online tutoring and training offers a great opportunity for you. Through videoconferencing, you can teach interested students any number of subjects. This job can be done either part-time or full-time as it offers flexibility in scheduling. Also, you can work independently or as part of an online tutoring company.

Newsletter Subscription Service

Pick an industry you are passionate about or a subject you have great interest in and build a newsletter that can offer worthwhile information and updates to subscribers who share those same passions and interests. Additionally, as your newsletter improves, your customers will share it with others and interest will grow, potentially leading to new opportunities for promotion with businesses.

Translation Services

If you are an individual who is multilingual, there are plenty of great opportunities available to you. As markets grow increasingly global in reach, businesses need individuals who can assist them in their operations. For example, these jobs could range from translating documents to assisting in cross-cultural marketing efforts.

Considering a Virtual Office?

Hopefully, this list inspired useful ideas for your online business. If you need more ideas, you can check out our list of home business ideas. If you think a virtual office could assist you, consider our Colorado virtual office service. It is simple to set up and can provide great benefits for any business, no matter how young or old, including virtual address benefits. Our virtual office service also handles all address updates with the Colorado Secretary of State. Contact us to begin enjoying the many opportunities provided by a virtual office.

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