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Working from home is an ideal choice for many individuals, and one that is increasing in popularity thanks to freelancing and other remote work possibilities. Here, we’ve compiled a list of great home business ideas for those who are interested in pursuing that path. If you already have a home business, you may want to consider the addition of a virtual office service. A virtual office can assist you and your business in a number of ways. It offers the prestige of a more professional appearance, protects your personal information, and provides phone answering and mail forwarding services. It also provides an address separate from that of your home, which comes with virtual address benefits.

Voice Acting

Voice actors come in a variety of styles and techniques. Whether you have a unique voice or can perform incredible sound effects, there may be voice acting opportunities available for your talent. It will take solid experience and quality recording equipment before this career can turn lucrative, but for those with the talent and commitment it can pay off.


If you are a trained accountant and like the idea of working from home, bookkeeping for an organization could be a great choice. While it isn’t necessary to be a CPA, a freelance bookkeeper should have some background in bookkeeping, whether prior work experience or relevant coursework. Plenty of small businesses need assistance with bookkeeping work, whether they lack experience or cannot afford a full-time position. Combining services for a few small business clients can lead to rewarding and well-paying work.

Mobile App Developers

There is no shortage of apps available for smartphones and no signs of their demand slowing down in the future. What’s important to note about app development is that you don’t necessarily need to have a completely innovative game-changing idea, but rather focus on creating improved user experience. Successful app designers are able to work from home and enjoy passive income generated from their projects. Depending on your skill level, mobile app development can be a very lucrative job.

Wedding Planner

So much goes into planning and pulling off a wedding that plenty of couples choose to enlist the services of a wedding planner. If you have a great eye for detail, design, and seasonal trends, and love the idea of putting all of your skills and style advice into planning a great event, wedding planning can offer a fun and challenging opportunity. From offering menu services, flower arrangements, and venue and caterer choices, the rate wedding planners receive per event can fluctuate based on offerings and event complexity.

Software Trainer

If you are proficient in a software that is highly specialized or sought after, then you can offer your services to train other professionals who wish to utilize that skill. While technical manuals are usually available for software programs, some find them too dense or difficult to get through. An interactive approach, on the other hand, is often preferred. Schedule individual sessions, group workshops, or pitch your training services to businesses that would benefit most from expert use of your given software.

Graphic Design

Graphic designers are in constant demand. Nearly every business has some need for graphic design, whether it is advertising efforts, websites, logos, and much more. It is possible to learn this skill on your own, however many earn a degree or other type of certification. Nearly the only cost to get started is the purchase of design software. Apart from that, this job can be completed anywhere you work on your computer.

Tax Preparation

Our country has a complicated tax code and very few people either know how to prepare their taxes on their own or enjoy doing so. So, if you have the skills and background to offer tax preparation services, this is a great business opportunity. Be sure to take the necessary steps before beginning, however, such as registering with the IRS and staying up-to-day on the constant changes made to the tax code.

Property Management

Property managers are responsible for a wide variety of tasks. They oversee operations of a property and tend to all of its needs. This can entail ensuring property rentals are handled smoothly or ensuring seasonal accommodations are completed on time. There are not any education or certification requirements for this position but interested individuals will have to pass a background check and be able to provide references, as your client will be trusting you to oversee their property.

Front-End Web Developer

If you have HTML, CSS, or Javascript skills, web development offers great job opportunities with flexible hours. Alternatively, if you don’t yet have these skills, there are lots of online courses now available that teach these skills, including free offerings. It takes a lot of effort and dedication to reach a level at which your skills can be put to meaningful use. However, once you can offer expert service to clients, web developers are able to charge a high per-project rate.

Photographer & Videographer

There will always be opportunities available for skilled photographers and videographers, as the need for content and new methods for sharing content continue to grow and evolve. Whether for a business, media company, or individual client, there are a number of different ways to make money with this skill. This remains a popular and competitive career, however, so it is often those who develop a unique style or cater to a certain niche that see the best results.

Career or Life Coach

Many people benefit from the advice and expertise of a career coach or life coach. Whether it is help with a career choice or assistance to get through a difficult time, coaches offer much needed assistance that can truly impact their clients’ lives for the better. Many career and life coaches find the work rewarding. Qualifications for this career vary and may require certification depending on your location. But if you enjoy helping others and feel you could devote the time and effort required of this job, career or life coaching is a great choice.

Consider Using a Virtual Office

We hope our list of home business ideas was useful to you. If you found this article useful, there are other useful pages on our blog including one about online business ideas and one about understanding virtual address benefits. If you believe a professional virtual office would be useful to you and your business, consider our Colorado virtual office. It is easy to begin and can be done at any point, whether it is at the inception of your business or for a well-seasoned business. Our virtual office service will update your address with the Colorado Secretary of State, so that you are free to focus on your business.

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