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After you have decided on which home business idea or online business idea to pursue, it is time to begin setting up your business. In the initial steps of forming your business, establishing a unique phone number is most likely a top priority. Not only does it allow you to keep personal and business matters separate from one another, but it provides a professional display to any prospective clients or customers. Depending on your business and its resources and priorities, you may find the assistance of a phone answering service useful.

Your Colorado Phone Number

We offer a number of options for your Colorado phone number, though your number can also use the area code of your choosing. There are free options available for obtaining your number, or you may decide that services like our phone answering and forwarding service appeal to you and your business. There is also the option of choosing a live answering service for your inbound calls, or consider a package deal, such as our virtual office, which includes free phone forwarding.

Phone Forwarding Service

As part of our phone service, we can provide you with a number in the area code of your choosing, including the option of a toll-free number. However, it is important to note for the toll-free option that the number is most commonly an 868 designation or similar variation, as 1-800 numbers are rarely available anymore.

When you enlist in our phone service, every aspect can be handled within our online portal. The online portal is easy to understand and interact with. Any time that you need to change your forwarding number, simply update your number in the portal and we can handle the rest. There is no additional charge for updating your forwarding number and you are free to do so as frequently as you wish. Our phone forwarding service is $10 monthly and comes with a thousand minutes of talk. Additionally, if required, fax numbers are available upon your request. Also, our phone forwarding service comes free with the virtual office service.

Free Phone Numbers Below

Learn how to form an llc, why not to operate as a sole proprietorship, and whether a virtual office is for you.

It is required to have a Google Account to use tools like Google Voice. Or, if your company doesn't have its own account you will need to create a new one. Another thing that you will need in this process is an already existing phone number, this will be used for Google to forward the calls to.

Once you have all of this ready you can start with the process of getting a new Colorado phone number for your corporation or Colorado LLC with the following easy steps.

Choose a City/Area Code

Once you click on the "Continue" button you will be redirected to a page where you will pick the phone number you need. What you have to do is search for a number that is available according to the area code you pick. Remember that the phone number you are looking for is in the Colorado state so you need to set a city in this state; not all cities have available number so you just have to choose from the available number list.

Enter Your Existing Number

When you click on "Verify" button you will be redirected to a screen where you should enter your current phone number, it will be used by Google to forward the calls of your new number. Enter your phone number and click on "Send Code", you will receive a code in a text message or you could also receive it in a phone call.

Additional Resources

Learn how to form an llc, why not to operate as a sole proprietorship, and whether a virtual office is for you.

Utilizing Google Voice

A simple and free option available to you is Google Voice. If you choose to create an account with Google Voice, you can be provided with a Colorado area code number that forwards calls to your current number or any other number of your choosing. Google voice also provides an app for use that can transcribe voicemails. This entire service is free. The only requirements for setting up Google Voice is a Gmail account and a few moments to verify your number. To get started simply search “Google Voice”, sign into your Google account, and choose “Get A Voice Number”. From there, simply follow the steps. However, if it turns out you need additional services with your phone number, consider our different phone packages outlined below.

Phone Answering Service

There is also the option of a live agent answering for your company’s phone number with a customized greeting. With your agent, you can choose between a warm or cold call transfer, or you have the option of taking a message. We have partnered with a highly reputable firm that specializes in inbound calling. We simply provide the firm with any special instructions you may have, and the agent will perform this customized response with every call.

If you are interested in utilizing our phone services for your business, you may also consider the additional services we offer. For example, if you enlist our virtual office service in Colorado, each office comes with unlimited phone and mail scanning, as well as your own unique business address and commercial lease agreement.

Go to Google Voice

Go to Google Voice here. The first step is to log into your active Google Account. If you don't have one this is the perfect moment for you to create it. Just click on the "More options" button and select "Create account" after filling out your personal information you will have your own Google account.

Get Your Own Number

Once you are already in your Google Account another screen will introduce you to the Google Voice platform. When you get to this page you just have to click on the blue button to continue with this process.

Select A Number

When you have already chosen the city or area on Google Voice, a list of available phone numbers will be presented to you, from this list you can choose the one that you prefer or if you simply don't like the ones that it presents, you can click on "Load more" to show more available phone numbers.

Verify Your Number

Once you have chosen your number from the available numbers on the list, you will be redirected to a screen in which you will have to verify the telephone number you chose. Here you just have to click on the "Verify" blue button to be directed to the next screen.

Enter Your Code

When you enter the code you have just received in the text message or phone call, you will be done and you'll have your new phone number. If you just follow the previous steps, creating a free Google Voice phone number is a really easy task.

Though it’s easy to set up your own phone number, it may work better for your business to have someone answer the phones for you. Our Colorado virtual office includes phone answering and mail scanning. On our blog, you can learn about the benefits of all of our services and other information useful to starting your business.

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